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We understand that deciding to own a Solar PV can be a daunting notion. With so many installers around, each offering different specifications and quotes, it can all get pretty confusing. At SolarPVExchange, your one-stop connection under the sun, our user-friendly platform seamlessly simplifies and streamlines the entire process for you from initiation to completion ... yes, it's that easy!

All you need to do is compare the free quotations you get from the various installers on the SolarPVExchange platform and decide on a preferred installer. We'll then put you in touch with the installer and they'll handle the rest. You'll then be on your way to being a proud owner of a Solar PV System in your home or place of business. Lastly, we also provide you with solar crowd funding tools online so that you can enjoy savings from your solar installation without having to pay for the entire system upfront.

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