Frequently asked questions

Residential Initiators - Landed home

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    I'm currently in the midst of renovating my house, will I need to have a solar PV installed only at this time?
    Solar PV can be installed at any time and is a fairly quick process depending on the structure of your house/roof and access factors to where the solar PV panels will be installed.
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    In the event that I'm able to install a solar PV system, will I be dependent on the power it generates exclusively?
    Your energy needs will be drawn from the solar PV installation as well as from the regular power grid. You can switch between the two simply by flipping a switch. The system can automatically switch between power sources as well.
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    Does SolarPVExchange charge any broking or agent fee for solar PV installations I might have confirmed through using your Exchange?
    Yes, we charge 4% of the installation costs as our fee but we need to stress that you will get a much better deal by asking for quotations through our Exchange as the installers know that they have to bid openly, fairly and competitively while providing you with the best service possible in order to get good feedback from you.
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    Since there are no batteries required:
    Can the electrical energy be stored for usage if I happen not to use it or don't use that much on a particular day? Or will it be wasted? Will this affect the estimated savings?

    Energy produced that is not consumed will be fed into the main power grid. So you will get a discount on your next electricity bill by Singapore Power. The value you 'sell back' will help offset your actual electricity bill. How cool is that?!

    Will there be any disruption as power cuts in/out of the solar PV system during the day?

    The system you install and the product or brand may have this issue so you should speak to your installer if uninterrupted power is a concern.
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    Can I sell excess power back to Singapore Power? Is such a scheme available for my case?
    Yes. This is the cool thing about your solar PV installation. It can actually make money for you in a manner of speaking, but in the form of an offset to your electricity bill. And when you are actually using the power you generate from your solar PV, the sun in powering your electrical needs. Not the power grid.
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    What is the general lifespan of the solar panels? Is this the most expensive component of the system?
    Solar PV panels usually last for 25 to 35years. And yes, solar panels represent between 40% and 60% of the total system cost but they are usually located away from movement of people so they are less susceptible to damage by human activity.
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    What is the risk of having the most expensive component of the system breakdown before the estimated ROI period?
    All the components are essential to the solar system producing electricity. If a component breaks down and needs to be fixed or replaced, the contract you have with your installer should clearly state the warranties and maintenance structure in place to cover this problem, should it arise.
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    What is the general warranty period for such system?
    Depends on the individual service agreement you negotiate with the installers, Generally, it will be around 3-5 years. Of course, the longer the warranty period, the better.
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    Can cloudy days affect power generation?
    Yes, clouds can diffuse and/or block sunlight which in turn, restricts the amount of sunlight absorbed by the solar PV system. There will still be electricity generated but at a reduced output. However, our calculations are based on average NASA readings of the entire year of sunlight available, a very conservative amount of only 3.4 hours per day, you do get more than that on a regular day.
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    Can I install solar PV panels myself?
    It is highly recommended for you to engage the services of a professional solar PV installer for PV installations as such installations need to comply with strict local building and electrical codes as well as the expertise they will provide in the placement of the solar PV panels.
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    Can I install solar PV panels on a flat roof?
    Yes. The solar PV installer usually mounts the solar panels on 'tilt racks' which ensure the PV panels are at the optimum angle and face the right direction.
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    Will the weight of the solar PV system be too much for my roof?
    Solar PV panels are designed to be light weight and should not in any way affect the loading on your roof. But you should address this concern with the installer if you feel there may be some issues may arise and let them advise you based on their expertise.
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    How long will it take to install a solar PV system?
    As mentioned in 1) this will depend on the structure of your house/roof and access factors to where the solar PV panels will be installed. Your chosen installer will better advise you on the timeline.
  • 14
    Do I need to clean my PV panels periodically?
    As is the case in Singapore, there is enough rain year-round to keep the solar PV panels relatively clean. But, you may wish to check with your installer if he can provide a periodic maintenance package to keep them shiny, dust free and working in optimum condition.

Residential initiators - Condo Residents

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    Is such an installation even possible in the first place since the condo is already built?
    Yes, the solar PV system can be installed on your roof but you will possibly need to get your Condo management permissions to do so, assuming your building is more than one storey tall, since the roof is considered common property.
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    Will it cause any electricity supply disruption to neighbours during installation/breakdown/maintenance?
    There should not be any disruption to your neighbours electricity supply if you engage a properly licensed installer.
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    Will the solar equipment be visible from around the vicinity?
    Whether the solar PV panels are visible depends on the configuration of the roof. But you must admit there is a cool factor to having solar PV panels on your roof!

Residential Initiators - HDB Home Owners

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    Can I install a solar PV system if I live in an HDB flat?
    Residents living in HDB flats wishing to install a solar PV system for their homes should approach their town councils to check on compliance regulations and to ensure that such installations do not pose safety and maintenance access problems in common areas.