Chinese artist “Nut Brother” made brick from smog

On 30th November, a Chinese performance artist from Shenzhen made a brick using the smog that is covering Beijing. The 34-year-old artist name “Nut Brother” would be seen outdoors with an industrial strength vacuum cleaner for 4 hours per day. After 400 hours of vacuuming, Nut Brother collected 100 grams of “dust and smog” and mixed it with clay to make a brick.


dust-and-clay (1)
Nut Brother mixing clay to the dust he has collected (Credit Source: Quartz)
(Credit Source: Quartz)

According to our calculations and certain statistics found online, the CO2 emissions per capita in China is about 6.19 metric tonnes, which is equivalent to 61,900 (“Nut Brother”) smog bricks.

Therefore this will equate to about 12 one-storey houses and with China’s population at 1.344 billion, the amount of CO2 emission per year by China will be equivalent to about 16.128B one-storey houses. That’s a lot of smog brick houses.

Smog hanging over Beijing (Credit Source: Huffington Post)

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