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Advantages of SolarPV System

Solar energy as we all know is a clean energy source, but did you know that you would be able to save money by installing the system?

The solar panels will generate electricity in the daytime. As most companies have higher electricity consumption in the day time, they will be able to completely maximize the power generated from the solar panels. This will reduce the amount of electricity consumed by the building therefore you would pay less for your electricity bill.

Commercial: Singapore Sports Hub (Photo:
Commercial: Singapore Sports Hub (Photo:

As for residential owners, their electricity consumption is generally lower during the daytime and higher during the night. For residential, the power that is generated during the day, will first be directed into the house for consumption (electrical appliances that are running throughout the day) Whatever electricity that is not consumed, will then be directed back into the grid. Singapore power will then buy that electricity and you will be able to offset your utility bill (which includes, electricity, water and gas bill).

Residential: Thomson Road
Residential: Thomson Road

This is a long-term investment that is definitely worth investing, you can save your pocket and at the same time save the earth! :)

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