Solar Bear

We have a new member on board!

Hello! For the past week we have been preparing for the arrival of our very special friend. Introducing SOLAR BEAR!!!

Solar Bear

Solar bear’s here to encourage more people to go solar and help save his kind, as mentioned in one of our previous postSolarPVExchange has helped saved 5.25 polar bears since our launch and we are working towards saving more of them. 

An average terrace house uses an approximate of 2300kWp which is about $500

Assume that we are installing a 10kWp’s solar PV system, the owner will be able to save $215.83 monthly and the new bill will cost around $248.17. If you’re interested in owning a PV system for your residence, feel free to drop us an email here or sign up as an initiator here!

Help us save Solar Bear’s friends by going solar!


Ciao and have a great weekend!

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