Singapore’s 1st Condo Solar PV Project Completed!


In June 2016, SolarPVExchange has successfully crowdfunded (via SunVest) the very first crowdfunded Condo solar PV project in Singapore.

By crowdfunding his solar PV project, the condo owner, Mr Pho is able to defer his one time payment over 12 months while obtaining a brand new solar PV system for his condo. What this means is that he will enjoy savings once his system is built and part of his monthly repayment will be offset by his monthly energy bill savings

“$24,000 might be a lot of money, but every month we are saving a few hundred dollars as well just from generating savings from our electrical bill” – Home Owner Mr Pho.

So if you, like Mr Pho, would like to start going solar by either purchasing it or crowdfunding for it , email to us your name and contact to and we will get back to you asap.

Single Largest Residential Solar PV System in Singapore


Hi all, SolarPVExchange has set another record by closing the Single Biggest Residential Solar PV System in Singapore. At 54.18kWp(system size), it consists of 172 pieces of solar panels that covers 344m2 of the roof space.

This solar PV system could possibly help the home owner reduce his electricity bill by about $13,800 per year and a total of about $415,400 over 20 years, which is the expected lifespan of the solar PV panels.

This Singapore solar powered house will reduce the owner’s carbon footprint by generating 67,000kWh of green energy annually, or 29 tonnes of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to planting 745 trees!

Interested to find out more about how you can reduce your electrical bill while helping the environment? Email us at

Also, if you’d like to get an instant solar PV estimation on your house or commercial building, try out our SunQuote tool with just a few steps.

*Note: The photo used is not the actual roof as it has not been completed. We will update with photos of this Solar PV system once the installation is completed.

Solar 101 (August 25th – 26th)


On August 25th and 26th, we have conducted our Solar 101 course (2 days) with SEAS (Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore).

The class was filled with SCEMs (Singapore Certified Energy Manager), that were looking to learn more about replacing their companies’ reliance on conventional energy with green energy via solar. Other than learning more about the basics of Singapore solar PV systems, the Solar 101 course also counts towards your SCEM points.

This 2-day INTRODUCTION TO SOLAR-101 course accommodates a wide range of individuals that do not have any specific skillset or competence in the Solar PV energy industry, (and any renewable energy industry for that matter), but who are very interested to know a bit more about the subject.

It is anticipated that after completing this training course, the individual will have a much better understanding of what is involved, along with understanding the fundamentals, thought processes and ultimately better decide whether to move forward and pursue further additional training within the solar PV energy sector.

We have Jason Law as trainer who is deep in the solar industry himself, to share his experience and knowledge on the local solar PV industry.

Interested to participate in the Solar 101 course to learn more about how solar pv systems work? Email us at:

SunVest (Crowdfund) Singapore’s 1st Residential Solar PV Project

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 17.10.10

In June 2016, we successfully crowdfunded our very first residential SunVest project for Ms Joyce Goh’s very own solar PV system of 4.725kWp. Through SunVest, her house in the upper Bukit Timah area is now powered by solar.

Sunpro Energies, our partner shares our vision to further the number of Singapore solar houses by defraying the initial capital outlay to the home owner, through a joint solar crowdfunding programme.

“We are pleased to use Sunvest to fund our project under the Solar Outlay Support programme. It is beneficial to all parties and the owner is able to get great savings!” – SunPro Energies

We would like to thank our green investors for participating in SunVest, designed to help more people to put solar panels on their rooftop and also lower Singapore’s carbon footprint, in view of a greener nation.

Joyce’s solar PV system has now commissioned and she will be enjoying clean and green energy of her own, as well as the savings it generates.

“I’m driving an electric car, and when I get my building materials, I try to get recycled materials … Solar energy was in line with what I wanted and what I believe in,” -Ms Joyce Goh

Your solar PV system not only offsets your consumption of energy, but the excess can be exported for a rebate to you as the home owner.

Why wait to go green and do your part for our environment, call us now!