Solar 101 (August 25th – 26th)


On August 25th and 26th, we have conducted our Solar 101 course (2 days) with SEAS (Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore).

The class was filled with SCEMs (Singapore Certified Energy Manager), that were looking to learn more about replacing their companies’ reliance on conventional energy with green energy via solar. Other than learning more about the basics of Singapore solar PV systems, the Solar 101 course also counts towards your SCEM points.

This 2-day INTRODUCTION TO SOLAR-101 course accommodates a wide range of individuals that do not have any specific skillset or competence in the Solar PV energy industry, (and any renewable energy industry for that matter), but who are very interested to know a bit more about the subject.

It is anticipated that after completing this training course, the individual will have a much better understanding of what is involved, along with understanding the fundamentals, thought processes and ultimately better decide whether to move forward and pursue further additional training within the solar PV energy sector.

We have Jason Law as trainer who is deep in the solar industry himself, to share his experience and knowledge on the local solar PV industry.

Interested to participate in the Solar 101 course to learn more about how solar pv systems work? Email us at:

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