Adopting solar is both Environmental and Economical

As more Singaporeans adopted the mindset of sustainability and being more aware of the advantages of adopting solar which is not just limited to both envrionmental and economical.

Singapore’s solar adoption growth rate has been nothing short of impressive, with both residential and non-residential building owners both adopting solar. We will be sharing it with you later below. The numbers are even more impressive considering our city landscape and SolarPVExchange would like to thank all of you who have played a part in making our garden city, greener.

We at SolarPVExchange deeply believe on the application of solar, especially when it comes to our sunny island. We have two products, SunQuote (to help more people find out what’s their roof solar potential) and SunVest (to let more people do their part for the environment) to help more fellow Singaporeans go solar.

We would like to share two examples of our past projects below for you to understand why you should join the solar revolution.

Project 1 – Commercial mencast

System 1.3MWp Grid Connected Solar PV System
Location Penjuru
Annual Energy Output 1,660,750kWh
Annual Savings $249,112
Breakeven 7.75 years
20 years Savings $6,159,999
CO2 Savings (20 years) 13,315 tonnes
Trees Savings (20 years) 341,414 trees

Note: All figures stated are estimated based on certain assumptions

So, what would this project look like if the building owner chose to crowdfund through SunVest for his project over 3 years instead?

Repayment per month $69,333.33
Savings per month $20,759.38
Nett System Cost 82%
Breakeven 6.08 years

Note: All figures stated are estimated based on certain assumptions

Project 2 – Residential


System 54.18kWp Grid Connected Solar PV System
Location Cluny Hill
Annual Energy Output 69,214.95kWh
Annual Savings $14,169
Breakeven 9.13 years
20 years Savings $350,350
CO2 Savings (20 years) 555 tonnes
Trees Savings (20 years) 14,229 trees

Note: All figures stated are estimated based on certain assumptions

Likewise, what would this project look like if we were to crowdfund through SunVest for his project over a year instead?

Repayment per month $12,672.70
Savings per month $1180.69
Nett System Cost 98%
Breakeven 8.75 years

Note: All figures stated are estimated based on certain assumptions

Basically, going solar by crowdfunding through SunVest is also equivalent to getting a discount off your solar PV system via your savings. With SunVest, Eco-friendly and Economically meets!

We would also like to share with you an EMA (Energy Market Authority) table on Singapore’s Installed Capacity of Grid-Conencted Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems between 2008 and Q3 2016.


Source: Energy Market Authority, 15 Nov 2016

At the end of 2008, the total installed capacity of grid-connected solar photovoltaic systems in Singapore is only about 0.4MWp (MegaWatt peak) or 400kWp (kiloWatt peak). This has grown to 1.9MWp the following year of 2009, a 375% growth. The past 3 years has been amazing with the lowest growth at 80%. We can only hope to keep this trend going and to also help Singapore achieve the aim of meeting the Paris Agreement by 2030.

The first three quarters of 2016 itself have seen a total 54.3MWp of grid-connected solar PV systems, about 48% of our entire total grid-connected installed capacity thus far.

For all of you who has not gone solar, what are you waiting for?
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Update: Single Largest Residential Solar PV System in Singapore


Hi all,

Update on the “Single Largest Residential Solar PV System in Singapore” that we have closed earlier this year.

Installation works are underway for this 54.18kWp, 172 pieces of 315Wp solar panels system. Projected to save about $1,180* per month and a total of $333,493* over 20 years,this solar PV system is a prime example of how quick and easy this system can be installed.

The photos shows how solar panels are installed upon a metal roof, with no penetration to your roof.

Clamps are used to clamp onto the seams of the metal roof and the solar panels are then secureded atop of the clamps.

A really quick and straightforward installation.

Stay tuned to this page for more updates on the Single Largest Residential Solar PV System in Singapore!

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In July 2016, we successfully crowdfunded S$300k in less than a week for a Singapore commercial solar Photovoltaic (PV) project through SunVest.

We began crowdfunding for the S$300k on 8 July 2016 and gave ourselves a month to meet this target. Much to the surprise of everyone, the target was reached in just 6 days, with many of our dear green investors rushing in on the 6th day (12 July), to secure their investment in this commercial solar PV project.

We at SolarPVExchange extends our deepest gratitude to the 11 Green (environmentally conscious) Investors who heard about the project through the platform and friends and decided to participate in this crowdfunding project, which will help Singapore’s cause in lowering our carbon footprint.

“We are glad that our green solar PV projects are gaining traction, not only with the media, corporates and also the man on the street. Also, we see many more crowdfunders with special interest in funding green projects, and SolarPVExchange is glad to be part of the group to spread the “Green” message to our community, and it helps that the interest rate is pretty attractive too.” Rob Khoo, Managing Director (SolarPVExchange)

By crowdfunding this 173.25 kilowatt-peak solar PV system located at Yeo Hong Construction & Engineering P/L premises at 20 Gul Crescent, Singapore will further reduce its carbon footprint by 81.82 tonnes of CO2 over a period of 25 years.

Not only that, the 11 green investors will also a get a 7% interest on top of their principal at the end of 1 year which will mature in July 2017.

About the project: Yew Hong Construction & Engineering P/L Solar PV projectyewhongsolar


To raise S$300k for the purchase of products needed for the solar PV project.


Sunseap is the first and largest solar leasing company in Singapore. It has won many significant projects such as Apple, HDB, Jurong Port, Panasonic, Straits Construction, Singapore American School, Ng Teng Fong General Hospital, Mencast Holdings, ABB, United Technologies Companies, Cambridge Industrial Trust, to name a few.


For this solar PV system, Sunseap will be building it on Yeo Hong Construction & Engineering Pte Ltd. Founded in 1973, Yeo Hong started off as Yeo Hong Contractor Company, a sole proprietor company with just a small office space in Tiong Poh Road. Even back then, they are already the in-house contractor for several companies in the marine and process industries. By going solar with Sunseap, this will not only reduce the electricity bill for Yeo Hong Construction & Engineering but also reduce its carbon footprint as well.

About SolarPVExchange

SolarPVExchange provides a unique renewable energy crowdfunding platform by enabling both building owners (who wish to go green with renewable energy system like Solar) and crowdfunders (Green Investors) to connect and crowdfund the renewable projects. SolarPVExchange also provides the necessary information for building owners so that they make an informed decision when it comes to their renewable projects.

In the long run, we hope to positively impact our environment by leveraging on technology, and sustainable renewable energy solutions together with the crowd.

New projects

SolarPVExchange is currently in talks with overseas solar PV projects and a few other local residential and commercial building owners for the next Green crowdfunding campaign, so stay tuned.


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Our first Solar deal done in Cambodia!

Our first Solar deal done in Cambodia. SolarPVExchange (Cambodia) will design and construct a 217kWp solar PV system for Spring CJW Development Pte Ltd latest property development, Axis Residences in Phnom Penh.

The solar system being installed at Axis Residences will allow residents to enjoy the use of the condo’s facilities, such as its huge indoor gym, 4 luxurious swimming pools, multi-purpose rooms, games room and lounge using clean sustainable solar energy to power them.

Axis Residences introduces green energy to the condo market in Cambodia

New residential project signed!

Another residential just signed a 17.05kWp Solar PV system with us today! A bungalow located at central Singapore.

With the 17.05 kWp system installed, the residential owner could potentially save $367.90 per month ($4,414.84 per year) which is also equivalent to $88,296.72 in 20 years time! :)

Another residential project signed!

SolarPVExchange just signed a 31.55kWp Solar PV system on Wednesday with a residential owner! It’s the biggest residential size system SolarPVExchange has done so far and it’s located at the west part of Singapore.

With the 31.55 kWp system installed, the residential owner will be able to save approximately $605.66 to $658.07 on their monthly utility bill!

31.55kWp is expected to produce 36,850.40kWh of clean energy per year and therefore will help reduce 16,580kg of carbon dioxide a year which is also equivalent to planting 425.10 trees in a life time!