A new step in the sustainability process: flexible solar panels


A new step in the sustainability process has been achieved! Researchers have developed a new kind of flexible solar panel. This new technology could become commercially available within the next three years.

In her article, Audrey Tan explains that this flexible solar panel is possible because it is made of a material called perovskite, which can be printed onto plastic sheets.


Audrey Tan explicates that “perovskite panels would be also cheaper to produce, costing about three time less than conventional silicon cells”

If you want to learn more about this technology, don’t hesitate to read her article!

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Dear Home & Building (Commercial & Industrial) owners,
Here’s your chance to go Solar with ZERO Upfront Costs and save on your Monthly Energy Bill with our SunVest scheme for both
1.Commercial and Industrial Buildings
2.Residential (Landed) Home Owners

Our SunVest Scheme will help you crowdfund for your system so that you don’t have to pay for anything upfront and enjoy monthly energy savings with your new solar PV system!

For SunVest C&I (Commercial & Industrial) Scheme, you can now defer your installation costs over 36 monthly payments.

For SunVest Resi (Residential owners) Scheme, home owners can now defer their installation costs over 12 monthly payments.

Here are a few considerations and tips before you decide to crowdfund for your solar PV system.

1. Roof/Building Condition
Next, your roof has to be of good condition and be able to take the weight of the solar PV panels.
Not to worry, before any installation, an experienced person will check the condition of your roof before commencing any work.

2. Ownership of building
Firstly, you must be the owner or master lessee of the building. If you are the lessee, it would be advisable for you to have at least 20 years remaining in your lease as that’s the general lifespan for your solar panels.

3. Return of Investment (ROI)
Typically, a residential scale solar PV system has a 8-11 years return of investment while a commercial scale solar PV system has a 6-9 years return of investment.

4. Roof Size
This is where the term “Economies of Scale” matters. Ideally, the minimum roof space to build a solar PV system should be more than 32sqm for there to have acceptable savings to cost benefits .

5. Roof Angle
If your roof angle is very steep, it might not be ideal to install solar PV panels on your roof as it could be infeasible and also dangerous.
Best to email us with photos of your roof so that we can help you assess the viability.

6. Monthly energy bill and daytime energy consumption
If your monthly energy bill is low ($150 and below for residential), and if you don’t use a lot of energy during the day, then it would take a longer time for your return of investment on your solar PV system as most of the generated energy will be exported to the grid.

So does your building fit the considerations mentioned?
If yes, contact us sunvest@solarpvex.com to get a quote for your solar PV system and crowdfund for it.


Steps to crowdfunding your very own solar PV system.

  1. First email your building address (which you want to install solar) together with your past 3-6 months’ energy bill to sunvest@solarpvex.com
  2. We will then arrange for a site visit at your building so that we can finalise the size of your solar PV system.
  3. After that, we will prepare a SunVest agreement for your perusal, which will state your monthly repayment over the agreed tenure.
  4. Once the SunVest agreement is agreed and signed, we will crowdfund for your solar PV system and once the monies are raised, you will soon get a brand new solar PV system on your building and start enjoying savings on your energy bill.

Alternatively, contact us at sunvest@solarpvex.com to find out more on how you can crowdfund your very own solar PV system to start saving immediately!

For investors who are interested in investing in renewable energy projects, do email to sunvest@solarpvex.com to find out how you can enjoy good returns from clean renewable energy projects.

Go Green, Save on your energy bill and the environment!


Another Solar PV Project closed

Residential: Thomson Road

Good news! Another residential owner around Upper Bukit Timah Road has just gone solar with us and this time it is a 16.38kWp system.

At this size, this Solar PV system is projected to help the home owner save approximately $330**/month and about $97K** over the lifespan of the solar PV panels.

If you are interested to find out more about how you can reduce your electrical bill while helping the environment, email us at enquiries@solarpvex.com

Also, if you’d like to get an instant solar PV estimation on your house or commercial building, try our SunQuote tool by following this link


*Note: Photo used here is not the actual solar PV system as the solar PV system is yet to be constructed during press time. Will update when solar PV system is completed.

** Based on certain assumptions.

Update: Single Largest Residential Solar PV System in Singapore


Hi all,

Update on the “Single Largest Residential Solar PV System in Singapore” that we have closed earlier this year.

Installation works are underway for this 54.18kWp, 172 pieces of 315Wp solar panels system. Projected to save about $1,180* per month and a total of $333,493* over 20 years,this solar PV system is a prime example of how quick and easy this system can be installed.

The photos shows how solar panels are installed upon a metal roof, with no penetration to your roof.

Clamps are used to clamp onto the seams of the metal roof and the solar panels are then secureded atop of the clamps.

A really quick and straightforward installation.

Stay tuned to this page for more updates on the Single Largest Residential Solar PV System in Singapore!

Find out more on how easy it is for you to go solar

Contact us at: enquiries@solarpvex.com 

2015 Projects + Give away

Merry Christmas in advance to everyone! It’s pre Christmas week, we hope you’re done with your Christmas shopping, otherwise you still have about a week to do so! :) We’ve been busy helping residents and companies going green and guess what!? We just signed up a 31.55kWp Solar PV system for a residential owner and it’s one of the biggest residential Solar PV System done by us so far! If you have read our previous post on ‘Save the polar bears’ you will know that this brings us a step closer to saving our 6th polar bear!

By the way, with a 31.55kWp the residential owner would be able to save 1.24 trees, 0.001 polar bear and also remove 48.26kg worth of CO2 emission per year (which is also equivalent to 0.019 cars). The 31.55kWp system is set to start constructing at January 2016 and we will upload the pictures once it’s done!

Here are some of the projects we have done (signed) for the year of 2015.


Mencast, Penjuru Road (1.3MWp)


Toolbox, Tuas South Street (451kWp)
Toolbox, Tuas South Street (451kWp)


New West Coast Pte Ltd, Faber Avenue (18.6kWp)
New West Coast Pte Ltd, Faber Avenue (18.6kWp)

We have also start working on Jurong Port’s PV system (10,000 kWp) and pictures will be up next week! :)


Bishopsgate (25kWp)
Bishopsgate (25kWp)


Thomson Road (9.6kWp)
Thomson Road (9.6kWp)


Terang Bulan Ave (5.5kWp)
Terang Bulan Ave (5.5kWp)
King's Dr (4kWp)
King’s Dr (4kWp)


What’s coming up in 2016?

We will be busy starting work on the 31.55kWp residential located at west side of Singapore, My First Skool at Fernview Link (11.1kWp), residential at Coronation Road (10kWp)!

We at SolarPVExchange aim to bring you the the best quote for PV systems, so login to our ‘Sun Quote’ and try it out now!


Christmas is a season of giving and we’re giving away this cute polar bear plushie to one lucky winner and here’s how you can win!

Simply recommend go to this link with the following format and recommend us your CEO/CFO (for commercial buildings) or even your Dads/Mums (for residential buildings) here! by 11.59pm 23 December 2015 and a lucky contributor will stand a chance to win the cute polar bear plushie below!


Fill in your personal contact and write the following in the description box;

Name of person-in-charge:

Contact number and or email:

Please indicate if it’s for residential or commercial


Good luck and happy Christmas shopping! 😉