Save the polar bears!

Bonjour! It’s the monsoon season, probably the only time of the year whereby Singaporeans will wrap up a bit more to keep warm. Speaking of keeping warm, the polar bears have always been known as the warm and fuzzy bear that live it’s life in the cold solitude. The rise of green house gas emission level has been a long-term threat to the polar bears and here’s how SolarPVExchange has helped.


Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 1.44.45 pm

Total Solar PV capacity installed: 11,836.8 kWp

Energy generated per year: 14,689,468kWh

CO2 emission saved/year : 6,608,791kg

Polar bears saved: 5.25 since our launch (6 June 2014)


This is equivalent to planting a whopping 169,456 new trees. Imagine these number of new trees covering the earth :)


And also we would help reduce a total of 2,660 petrol cars on the road each year!

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With every 3.38MWp (30,000sqm roof space) we can save a polar bear. Pledge with us today and contribute to the environment by recommending us to your CEO/CFO (for commercial buildings) or even your Dads/Mums (for residential buildings) here!

Fill in your personal contact and write the following in the description box;

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Please indicate if it’s for residential or commercial

After all it’s almost Christmas, let’s all give back to Mother Earth. To thank you for helping out, we will also be giving out a small token on behalf of all the polar bear friends that you will be saving. :)

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By continuing to rely heavily on traditional oil and even coal to produce energy and not switching to renewable clean energy sources like solar, we risk the danger of destroying the environment for ourselves and our future generation.

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In order to save our Mother Earth from being destroyed (and reduce pollution) we need to start thinking about ways to use clean renewable solutions in our everyday life. Going solar is one of the ways, and we need everyone’s help. Just help us by nominating someone (who either has a big building or a lot of land space to install solar) whom you think should go solar and we will do the rest :)


Nominate someone now and help us save our environment!


And we will also be giving away a polar bear plushie to one lucky contributor. So start nominating now via this link before 12 midnight of 14 December 2015. Good luck :)


Have a great weekend!

Chinese artist “Nut Brother” made brick from smog

On 30th November, a Chinese performance artist from Shenzhen made a brick using the smog that is covering Beijing. The 34-year-old artist name “Nut Brother” would be seen outdoors with an industrial strength vacuum cleaner for 4 hours per day. After 400 hours of vacuuming, Nut Brother collected 100 grams of “dust and smog” and mixed it with clay to make a brick.


dust-and-clay (1)
Nut Brother mixing clay to the dust he has collected (Credit Source: Quartz)
(Credit Source: Quartz)

According to our calculations and certain statistics found online, the CO2 emissions per capita in China is about 6.19 metric tonnes, which is equivalent to 61,900 (“Nut Brother”) smog bricks.

Therefore this will equate to about 12 one-storey houses and with China’s population at 1.344 billion, the amount of CO2 emission per year by China will be equivalent to about 16.128B one-storey houses. That’s a lot of smog brick houses.

Smog hanging over Beijing (Credit Source: Huffington Post)

So our question to you our readers, how big would a solar PV system be needed to remove all these CO2 based on China’s annual carbon emission. Email your answers with your calculations to by 11th December 2015 10am SGP to stand a chance to win a solar powered bike light. Good luck!

By switching to solar we can do our part to save the environment and also your electricity bill. Find out how much can your house/building save by going solar here.