New hire purchase scheme for residential projects!

Imagine (potentially) saving $7k (or more) per year, or more than $160k over 20 years on your electrician bill just by installing a solar pv system on your house. Well that’s what exactly will be happening to one residential who has just signed up for a solar pv system for his new home.

Located in the west of Singapore, this residential project of 29.92kWp (system size) consists of 95 panels which covers 190 square meters of his roof.


With this new solar PV system, the total energy will generate about 37,149.34kWh/year and 676,463.62kWh over 20 years. When converted to savings, he will save approximately $7,028.66 in a year and $162,128.78 in 20 years!

Not only that, he will also reduce his carbon footprint by 16 tonnes of CO2 and in 20 years it would be a whopping 292 tonnes of CO2. Not bad we must say.

Anyway, here’s a piece of good news for those of interest in going solar. We are currently offering a one year hire purchase scheme for your solar PV system so that you don’t have to fork out one huge sum but pay via interest free instalment over 12 months. Sign up with us now as an initiator and we will be in touch shortly.


And now we end off the post with a photo of our happy client! :) Ciao!

SunVest: SIA Sports Club

Hi All!

SolarPVExchange is partnering with CoAssets to crowd fund for a solar project, which will be developed and owned by SunSeap Leasing P/L. The solar PV project is at the SIA Sports Club.



About the investment:

The tenure is 1 year with an interest of 7%, under a balloon repayment structure, whereby both principle and interest will be fully paid at the end of the tenure.

This investment is guaranteed by the founder of Sunseap.

This SunVest project is open for investment till 4th April 2016


About the Project:

Sunseap signed a 20 year solar leasing contract with the Singapore Airlines (SIA) Sports Club to install a 202.125 kiloWatt-peak (kWp) system on the building. The system became operational on the 18th February 2016. SIA Sports Club is owned by the Singapore Airlines and its various subsidiaries, and it is the first recreational club project in Sunseap’s portfolio. Sunseap in this project takes on the role of the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) company, by taking care of various areas such as installation and maintenance. The system comprises of 825 panels from REC Solar, and 7 inverters from ABB. Under the solar leasing model, SIA Sports Club is able to achieve carbon reduction, and at the same time, reduce their electrical bills with a competitive tariff. The system will allow SIA Sports Club to save over 116 tonnes of CO2 annually.





SIA Sports Club is located at 726 Upper Changi Road East.

Click here to find out more or invest.

Our first Solar deal done in Cambodia!

Our first Solar deal done in Cambodia. SolarPVExchange (Cambodia) will design and construct a 217kWp solar PV system for Spring CJW Development Pte Ltd latest property development, Axis Residences in Phnom Penh.

The solar system being installed at Axis Residences will allow residents to enjoy the use of the condo’s facilities, such as its huge indoor gym, 4 luxurious swimming pools, multi-purpose rooms, games room and lounge using clean sustainable solar energy to power them.

Axis Residences introduces green energy to the condo market in Cambodia

Happy Lunar New Year!!

Happy Lunar New Year to all! We hope you have been enjoying yourself over the long weekend, it’s the fifth day of Chinese New Year and we are happy to announce that one of our residential project have been completed! Here are some of the ‘in-progress’ photos 😉

solar panel sam 4

solar panel sam 2

And finally here is the completed roof (gaps are necessary for maintenance purpose)

solar panel sam 1

solar panel sam 3

If you intend to go Solar or have any enquiry/concern regarding installing a solar system , do drop us an email hereWe will respond to your email as soon as we can 😉

Happy Lundar New Year!
Happy Lunar New Year!

Lastly, this Sunday is everyone’s birthday (初七;人日) so happy birthday all! SolarPVExchange wishes every one a prosperous new year and may the year of Monkey bring you good health and fortune! Huat ah! ;D

SolarPVExchange wants you!

It’s TGIF! SolarPVExchange is recruiting! If you are a Real Estate agent come join us as a Solar Agent! While selling private residential properties or commercial buildings, you can sell the idea of installing Solar PV systems and you will be able to earn a commission from us when the deal is sealed!

Come join us as a Solar Agent to help Solar Bear save his furry friends, not only will you be able to help your client save money on their utility bill, you will also be able to help reduce the carbon footprint at the same time!

Solar Bear

What are you waiting for!? Contact us here with the following information:

  • The Real Estate Company you’re with
  • Your Registered RE agent number
  • Part time/ Full time RE agent
  • Years of experience as a RE agent.


We’ll be waiting! Ciao! 😉

New regulations from SCDF

Hi guys! We are going to share a piece of news with you guys where probably not all of you will know about.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) has come up with a set of Fire Safety Requirements (FSR) for those intending to install solar photovoltaic(PV) system on their building. This new regulation is applicable to roof mounted PV installations.

There should be at least on exit staircase, where the are of non-habitable roof is large and one-way travel distance to the exit cannot be met and an additional cat ladder or ship ladder to be adequately separated in accordance with CI.1.2.60 of Fire Code and leading to the circulation area of the floor below shall be provided

As for any existing buildings which are carrying out PV installations on the roof level where the provision of single exit staircase is not feasible, there should be a portal sturdy ladder to the roof access.

If access hatches are present it should be readily accessible from the roof and the access hatch opening should have a minimum clear width of 1000mm in diameter.

Along with these there are a number of other regulations that will be implemented which will definitely have an impact on those planning to install solar PV installation when it kicks in on 1st July 2016

We hope this piece of news will help you to understand better on the regulations of installing the solar PV system from 1st July 2016 onwards. If you would like to know more about the regulations or have any enquires you can contact us here. If you would like to get a quotation from us on installing a solar PV system you can join us as an initiator here or get a Sun Quote here. :)


Enjoy and have a great weekend!

New residential project signed!

Another residential just signed a 17.05kWp Solar PV system with us today! A bungalow located at central Singapore.

With the 17.05 kWp system installed, the residential owner could potentially save $367.90 per month ($4,414.84 per year) which is also equivalent to $88,296.72 in 20 years time! :)

We have a new member on board!

Hello! For the past week we have been preparing for the arrival of our very special friend. Introducing SOLAR BEAR!!!

Solar Bear

Solar bear’s here to encourage more people to go solar and help save his kind, as mentioned in one of our previous postSolarPVExchange has helped saved 5.25 polar bears since our launch and we are working towards saving more of them. 

An average terrace house uses an approximate of 2300kWp which is about $500

Assume that we are installing a 10kWp’s solar PV system, the owner will be able to save $215.83 monthly and the new bill will cost around $248.17. If you’re interested in owning a PV system for your residence, feel free to drop us an email here or sign up as an initiator here!

Help us save Solar Bear’s friends by going solar!


Ciao and have a great weekend!

Advantages of SolarPV System

Solar energy as we all know is a clean energy source, but did you know that you would be able to save money by installing the system?

The solar panels will generate electricity in the daytime. As most companies have higher electricity consumption in the day time, they will be able to completely maximize the power generated from the solar panels. This will reduce the amount of electricity consumed by the building therefore you would pay less for your electricity bill.

Commercial: Singapore Sports Hub (Photo:
Commercial: Singapore Sports Hub (Photo:

As for residential owners, their electricity consumption is generally lower during the daytime and higher during the night. For residential, the power that is generated during the day, will first be directed into the house for consumption (electrical appliances that are running throughout the day) Whatever electricity that is not consumed, will then be directed back into the grid. Singapore power will then buy that electricity and you will be able to offset your utility bill (which includes, electricity, water and gas bill).

Residential: Thomson Road
Residential: Thomson Road

This is a long-term investment that is definitely worth investing, you can save your pocket and at the same time save the earth! :)

If you have any enquires do not hesitate to contact us here.

Or come get a SunQuote from us now!