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Singapore Solar PV Systems

Now more than ever before, renewable energy sources are playing a huge part in our everyday lives. Solar power in Singapore is fast becoming an ideal solution for both residential and commercial properties alike, and with good reason - reduced cost for energy usage (plus sellback to the grid of any excess/unused energy) as well as a major reduction of our carbon footprint.

If you're wondering whether it's time to make the move to solar power, as Singapore's leading solar PV system provider, we can offer the much-needed guidance and answers to questions you may have about it all.

What is a solar PV system?
First, let's clear up exactly what solar PV is and what it means to you. PV is short for photovoltaic, which, simply put, is the conversion of light into energy (electricity) through semiconductors (in this case, solar panels) which have proven to experience the photovoltaic effect (transfer light to voltage/electrical current).

Solar PV is essentially another way of saying 'solar power system'.


Is it worth getting solar power in Singapore?

When you choose to have a solar PV system installed, you’ll benefit from:

A lower monthly electricity bill.


Knowing you're doing the right thing for the planet.


Being able to sell any unused electricity back to the grid to further decrease how much you spend on your own energy.


Better selling power should you choose to sell your property down the track.